Sheikh Zayed Children Welfare Centre

Sheikh Zayed Children Welfare Centre is the brainchild of His Excellency, Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan (Rahimahu Allah taala). It was established in the year 1999 with the core objective of providing care and education to destitute orphans in Kenya. It is localted along the Mombasa – Malindi road, Bomolulu, Mombasa.

The first batch of 14 orphans (9 boys and five girls) was admitted on 10th May 1999. Later, in 2004, Zayed Children School, was established as an IGA (Income Generating Activity) for the orphanage. All the proceeds from the school are channeled to the orphanage.

Currently, the Centre has 19 homes each with the capacity to accommodate 12 orphans. The Centre has also a Nursery and Primary Schools. Besides the Schools, the Centre has 3 blocks of nuts, each with 8 apartments and 7 shops. It also has poultry farm, zero grazing farm of 8 dairy cows. From 1999 to date, the Centre has been operating using funds from Abu Dhabi, and the money raised from fees.