Sheikh Zayed Children Welfare Centre

The school has a fleet of buses that provide transport services to and from the school.

The school operates the bus fleet maintaining exceptional safety standards and strictly following the specifications and regulations for road transport.

The buses ply the following routes in the morning at 6.20 am and in the evening at 5.00 pm:


From zayed school to Likoni through Digo Rd. to Mwembe Tayari to Makupa round about through saba saba then back to school through saba saba to spaki to lights.


From zayed school to Ratna square to Mombasa Parents to Mamba Villlage to SOS then back to school through Kenol.


From zayed school to Kisauni through Kisimani to Lights to Kisauni to Mlaleo to Bamburi junction to Bamburi Cement and back to school.

If you would like to subscribe to the transport service, kindly contact the account’s office for payment information