Sheikh Zayed Children Welfare Centre


Sheikh Zayed Children Welfare Centre offers the 8-4-4 system of education – integrated with Islamic Education. For more information check the academics section on this website or contact the school using the contact details provided.


School fees must be paid to the school’s account and the banking slip availed to the school without delay for issuance of official school receipt. We do not accept cheques except for banker’s cheques. Fees for every term must be cleared before a pupils is admitted in class.

A detailed fee structure can be downloaded here

School Account Details:

Sheikh Zayed Children Welfare Centre
Bank of Africa Nyerere avenue Mombasa(opposite Islamic Centre)


Admission of orphans to the centre is dictated by availability of spaces and subject to the approval of the board of governors. The orphanage is under the administration of the centre’s director.

For further details on admission, please contact the Director’s office.

Admission of pupils to the school.

The school admits pupils in January and April every year.

For further details on admission, please contact the Principal’s office.


Transport is provided by the school at an extra charge.

Meals (Lunch Programme):

The school provides lunch from Monday to Friday. The lunch meal charge (Ksh. 3,500 per term) is paid together with the school fees whereas the break time snacks can be purchased from the school’s cafeteria on cash basis. For more information click here.

Boarding Facilities:

The school is mixed day school only. Plans are underway to include boarding.